While the financial planning process is your first step in planning your future towards financial independence, our wealth management process is what sets this plan in motion.

Investing is important to help secure your financial future, but it’s just one component of a bigger picture. We work with other professionals to create an individualized plan that includes your investments, income, tax liability, workplace benefits, and insurance. We put together this plan as part of a detailed, readable report to help you understand how we’ll reach your financial goals.

Make Your Investments Work Harder

What investments would be appropriate for you? How will they work together to achieve your objectives? How do you accumulate and preserve your wealth to ensure a confident retirement? How diversified do you want to be and what impact will it have on your returns? What level of volatility are you comfortable with? These are the questions we will ask as we build your financial plan to ensure that your portfolio is perfectly aligned with your financial goals.

Sometimes market swings are caused by investor sentiment. Investors can be optimistic, and other times despondent. These unpredictable swings can drive prices wildly around a reasonable notion of fair value. While there is no way to control this volatility, we’re here to help you take advantage of the potential resulting opportunities.

Our Approach To Investing

ThriveLife360’s investment management services are based on your desires, needs, and goals. Do you prefer value investing, or is growth investing more appealing? Perhaps you need immediate income, or you’d prefer to set up your portfolio for even more of a confident retirement. No matter what you need, we’ll custom tailor a financial plan that works now and in the future.

We also look into alternative investment techniques that aim to manage volatility and earn consistent returns over longer periods of time. By cutting risk with these diversified long-term investments, we hope to reduce or negate losses resulting from market swings.

There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk.

Understanding Risk

Every investor knows that taking risks is part of investing money. Similarly, they also know that markets with higher risk potentially result in better returns over time. However, this approach can also lead to short-term losses and wild shifts in portfolio values. We work hard to find stable diversified investments that have the potential to yield consistent, long-term returns.

With our experience of nearly three decades, and having navigated through several market cycles, recessions, the tech bubble crash, September 11, and the bursting of the real estate bubble, we believe that we are well qualified to help you weather unpredictable future events.

 Our Wealth Management Services

Tax Sheltered Accounts

We offer tax sheltered accounts, both qualified and nonqualified, to address complex wealth management issues, such as minimizing tax implications, so you can effectively control the destination and purpose of your wealth. We anticipate issues proactively and strategize with you to help achieve the desired results and partner with existing experts whom you have come to know and trust.

Wealth Management Accounts

Implementation of your wealth management strategy is only the beginning of our ongoing commitment to you. Continued collaboration with you ensures that we work towards the goals in pursuit of your financial objectives. As markets fluctuate and objectives change, we make ongoing tactical adjustments to ensure that your plan complements the current priorities in your life.

Smart Retirement Solutions for 401(k) Plans

It’s never too early to think about retirement. We’ll help you grow and protect your nest egg. With our advanced retirement plan experience and knowledge, we can design and implement dynamic retirement strategies and turnkey tools for business owners and professionals looking to establish or modify an existing plan.

Estate Planning

With today’s high estate taxes and uncertain political environments, it makes sense to implement a plan early in life. This is to ensure that your estate can prosper and you can maximize the inheritance gifts to your loved ones. We can take the lead with estate planning options that give you the tools to effectively plan for your future.

Risk Profiling & Management

Risk profiling allows us to understand what you consider suitable investment opportunities that will meet your financial goals. With close to three decades of investment experience, we can help you make tactical adjustments and course corrections to help ensure that we reach your financial milestones.

Charitable Giving

For those who understand and live by the principles of giving back, we’ll help maximize your philanthropic contributions. You can benefit from our wide range of resources to help distribute your wealth to your preferred charities and endowments.

Types of Investments

ThriveLife360 is positioned to cater to your distinct financial needs. As your trusted financial advocate, we provide unbiased investment guidance in a myriad of investment choices to help you manage your wealth over your lifetime and beyond. We offer advice and implementation strategies across a large spectrum of wealth management needs.

Investment Strategy

ThriveLife360 will provide comprehensive investment strategies to clients who share our values and desire to attain financial independence. We will guide you through making the necessary financial decisions in the areas of education, retirement, investments, estate, and tax planning. We will be your financial coach when dealing with many life changes that you or your family members may experience.

Investment Reviews

We review all of our wealth management accounts on a regular basis to explore opportunities that keep you on track. This is called course correction, and it’s absolutely essential for continued portfolio growth.

Investment Reporting

We understand how important it is to consistently monitor financial records. Our quality service to you is of utmost importance, and at the heart of that is an unparalleled communication model. We are available whenever you desire to discuss ongoing portfolio performance, and we proactively reach out to you whenever opportunities to help grow and preserve your wealth present themselves.