We Are ThriveLife360

Financial services built for you.

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Karim Poonawala

Founder / Director

David Sanchez

Wealth Manager

Steve Dudash

President, IHT

Corianne L. Murphy

Chief Operating Officer, IHT

Yussef Gheriani

Operations, IHT

Our Brand Values


We’ll always be respectful of your wishes when it comes to your portfolio.


Our staff is always happy to answer all of your questions with a smile and an appreciation for having you as a friend for life.


We help you find financial happiness so you can be confident in your financial decisions.


When communicating with clients, we keep things simple and easy to understand.


We’re constantly seeking out the best and most appropriate investments for you and your portfolio.

Wealth Education

Our advisors believe in teaching and educating clients about proper wealth management behaviors.

Our History

KP has over 29 years of experience helping clients achieve financial independence through personalized strategies and one-on-one guidance. We’re your partners on the road to financial independence.

KP was born in Poona, India in 1962. His father became an entrepreneur early in his life and extracted his family out of poverty. After realizing his son’s potential, KP’s father spent the majority of his hard-gained financial resources and savings to send KP to the United States. Early in his education at Michigan State University, KP was fortunate enough to call upon Don Smith the dean of the Hospitality Management school as his mentor. Don encouraged KP to join several academic clubs at Michigan State University, and develop his public speaking skills to compliment his analytical skills.

At Crummer Graduate School of Business, KP was fortunate to have an ex-investment banker Jack Nelson as his Professor of Finance & Investments course.  Jack recognized the skills KP exhibited in his class, and encouraged KP to explore becoming a stock broker.  This had paramount influence on KP, who right out of graduate school applied for and became a Stock broker in June of 1987.  He has been fortunate to call hundreds of families his clients and friends, most of whom have had a profound impact on his life and career.

Our Mission

ThriveLife360 guides and actively teaches clients and their families to pursue their financial goals through independence, diligence, and a supportive learning process.

This is achieved by allowing clients to participate in and learn from the process of building their financial future. As a result, happiness is achieved when clients understand and feel like they are actively participating in their financial well-being instead of being told blindly what to do.

Our Vision

An active pursuit of financial learning, meaning and growth.